Somen Saha

President & CEO
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About Somen

Somen Saha is the CEO and founder of n-Powered Inc. Somen is a technology innovator, digital strategist and entrepreneur who has been solving difficult technology problems with innovation for over 2 decades. Somen has previously founded Nettrain, an education institution to train digital marketing professionals, and Boston Webdesign (2008-2016), one of Boston’s top digital agencies.

Prior to starting n-Powered, Somen served as the Senior Director of Technology at Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. He is also an award winning architect of GTECH / IGT, having created a lottery system that costs a fraction of the original, making lottery available to developing economies. Somen has been a featured speaker at AWS Public Sector Summit, World Lottery Association and other prominent AI events world-wide.

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