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in action.
A Voice-First end-to-end platform that empowers universities to solve the challenges along the student journey, from pre-enrollment through alumni. By connecting disparate university systems, our platform allows students, faculty, and staff to access a 360-degree view of the student, via voice and other digital mediums.

Talk to us and we will help you create a student body that is well-informed and connected.

Voice and Artificial Intelligence.

Get personalized answers to all of your questions by simply asking your AI – powered college friend.

Streamlined systems

and access to data.
By unifying learner, faculty and operational data, we have masked legacy system complexities, and streamlined student’s access to information.

Reduce the cognitive load

on the student.

Cognitive load is the amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. Wouldn’t you rather have your students using that memory for their studies instead of trying to remember their logins and passwords? Now students can focus on what’s important to their success.

Cut down on

information overload.
User names, passwords, logins, permissions. Now students can get answers to their questions just by talking. N-Powered is their new college friend.

Support the students

on the move.

Today’s students are constantly on the move. In the library, coffee shop, home for the weekend … n-Powered supports the learners of today wherever they are, with whatever modality they would like to utilize.

Always learning --

just like a student.
N-Powered uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to constantly adapt. Why learn a new system when the system can learn you? Instant access to information, just by talking.

Secure, Personal and Fun.

Talking to a machine can be fun. n-Powered is built on AWS, with a security first focus.

What we are all about ...

n-Powered was founded by globally recognized industry veterans who have spent their careers empowering companies to solve their customer problems using the latest technologies.
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